Michel Freidenson

Michel Freidenson is a Brazilian Keyboard & Ac Piano player, arranger, composer and producer. He is the Founder of the instrumental group “ZonaAzul”, and is the composer of most of the themes recorded in their 2 LPs “Zonazul” and “Luzanoz” – Som da Gente. Michel’s career includes shows and international tours with the Michel Freidenson Jazz Trio/ Quartet and acclaimed Brazilian musicians like Hermeto Pascoal, Djavan, Marcio Montarroyos ( i.m ), Raul de Souza, Ivan Lins, Tim Maia ( i.m. ), Leny de Andrade, Ana Caram, Jane Duboc, Fafá de Belém, Lô Borges, Léa Freire, Bocato, Badi Assad, and Dayse Cordeiro, among others. He was a finalist at the “Martial Solal International Jazz Piano Competition” in Paris, 1989.  Freidenson has taught Music for Films at the FAAP University in São Paulo and is active in the advertising field as a composer and producer of jingles and soundtracks for movies, TV and internet. He has produced and arranged more than 250 CD’s.  His own CDs, JAZZIS, ELETROBOSSA and ELETROBOSSA NIGHTS on the Azul Music label and NOTAS NO AR showcase some of his original compositions, creative arrangements and remarkable improvisational talent at the keyboards and acoustic piano.

Notas No Ar by Michel Freidenson

Brazilian composer, pianist, arranger and producer Michel Freidenson makes full use of his extensive experience and multifaceted musicality with the long awaited NOTAS NO AR, a combination of original compositions and Brazilian and international standards highlighting the piano. Special guests include Hermeto Pascoal, Raul de Souza and the exceptional Thijs Van Leer (of the Dutch progressive rock group, Focus). Well-produced and well performed, this genuine swing journey of the finest contemporary jazz, samba and bossa-nova tunes is polished and pleasurable to listen to.

Electrobossa - Various Artists (Edson X, Michel Freidenson, Ulisses Rocha, Corciolli, Beto Birger, Ma3 & Adonias Jr.)

On ELECTROBOSSA drummer/producer Edson X and pianist Michel Freidenson create Latin atmospheres and the softness of Bossa Nova, in perfect balance with electronic elements, creating a uniquely enjoyable fusion project. ELECTROBOSSA mixes Brazilian bossa tunes with a modern-day Electronica flair nicely, providing a refreshing mix of Brazilian fresh sounds and rhythms without surrendering the sonority and vivacity of the 70´s.  Highlights include Sem Você, which features the sleek and sexy vocals of Graça Cunha. The instrumentals Ponta da Praia and Acabou a Tristeza demonstrate exceptional work from these skilled musicians, while a special highlight is their performance of the original Berimbau.by Brazil’s celebrated guitar virtuoso, Baden Powell.

Eletrobossa Nights by Electrobossa

Following in the very successful footsteps of its predecessor, ELETROBOSSA, this compilation of electronic bossas once again brings together acclaimed drummer / producer Edson X and accomplished pianist Michel Freidenson.

With a distinct 70´s vibe, ELETROBOSSA NIGHTS includes Hip Hop, Samba, Gafieira and Funk influences, resulting in many engaging and exciting rhythm combinations.  A number of these tracks are featured in international compilations and TV series. (i.e. “Terra & Céu” was featured in an episode of ABC´s “Ugly Betty”.)

ELETROBOSSA NIGHTS is a unique album of refreshing Brazilian sounds and rhythms, while maintaining sonority and vivacity of the sounds of the 70´s.

Jazzis by Michel Freidenson 

JAZZIS is a unique combination of traditional jazz, bebop, cool jazz, and fusion with sounds of electronic music as acid jazz, drum'n'bass, and trance. With the participation of Marcio Montarroyos ("Brooklin Beat" and "Café Noir"), Sylvio Mazzuca, and Edson X, Jazzis creates tracks where the piano reigns supreme.

Um Passeio Pela Floresta by Michael Freidenson

UM PASSEIO PELA FLORESTA (A WALK IN THE FOREST) delivers delicate instrumental melodies with sounds of nature designed especially for calming baby.








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