Corciolli adds elements of Flamenco music as well as the duets of tenor Baulé, mezzo-soprano Tania Maya, and a Gregorian choir in this harmony of sounds in classical music, harmonic contemporary interpretations and jazzy improvisations. The words in Latin were extracted and compiled using original text from the Middle Ages. Highlights include TOLEDO, the theme song used by Brazilian gymnast Angelica Kvieczynski in the 2007 Pan American Games.

THE BEST OF BUDDHA LOUNGE comprises 7 CDs and 2 DVDs in the popular Lounge series from Azul Music. "The Best of Buddha Lounge" 2 CD Set brings together tracks from all of the Buddha Lounge CDs representative of the atmosphere at the famed venue.

Michael Dulin's albums of original music have twice been awarded the prestigious Lifestyle Music Award. Three of his albums have reached the #1 spot on NAR World Airplay Charts. His music has been licensed for release in South America, Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

With something for every taste and mood, ATMOSPHERES reveals an astounding range of emotion, showcasing every facet of Dulin's keyboard brilliance. #1 on World Airplay Charts, Atmospheres was voted Best Solo Piano Album of 2004 by international DJs and critics.

ETHEREAN VOICES is a compilation that brings together the best songs from the three VOICES releases produced by accomplished composer and keyboardist MARCELO GALLO. Featuring the angelic voices of Tania Maya and Dani Nathan, VOICES is a unique project
inspired by the ethereal work of artists like Enya and Clannad.

The atmospheres created on ETHEREAN VOICES guide the listener on an imaginary journey through realms of fantasy and enchantment. Mystical and existential themes are sung in English and Latin.

Gallo demonstrates his talent through his ability to work in a wide variety of genres creating melodies and electronic orchestral arrangements. A skilled synthesizer programmer, Gallo is proficient with contemporary sound, and throughout the years the tunes on VOICES continue to enjoy a prolonged popularity on North American and Canadian radio stations.

ESSENTIA is a four volume collection, compiling the original inspiring and uplifting instrumental recordings by Andrey Cechelero. His delicate orchestral arrangements invite the listener to journey within one’s own divine essence. Cechelero composes melodies that transcend time, delicately baring the soul, leading us to explore the inevitable encounter with eternity. Contained in this fourth volume are some of Cechelero’s most beloved themes, including Concerto para Piano e Oceano, A Bela e a Correnteza and O Infinito dos Olhos Teus. This is a must-have for the long time Cechelero fan as well as new listeners who appreciate songs that help the soul to dream.

ESSENTIA is a four volume collection, compiling the original, inspiring and uplifting instrumental recordings by Andrey Cechelero.  His delicate orchestral arrangements invite the listener to journey within one's own divine essence. This is a must-have for the long time Cechelero fan as well as new listeners who appreciate songs that help the soul to dream.

Michel Freidenson makes full use of his extensive experience and multifaceted musicality with a combination of original compositions and Brazilian and international standards highlighting the piano on NOTAS NO AR.

Special guests include Hermeto Pascoal, Raul de Souza and the exceptional Thijs Van Leer (of the Dutch progressive rock group, Focus). 

Well-produced and well performed, this genuine swing journey of the finest contemporary jazz, samba and bossa-nova tunes is polished and pleasurable to listen to.

BRAZILIAN LOUNGE 2 is another very special compilation of irresistible electronic bossa lounge and chill-out songs that pick up where Azul Music’s BRAZILIAN LOUNGE leaves off. Traditional sounds join contemporary styles in a unique way.

Chill-out master Andre Andreo, of Cafe Del Mar notoriety, joins Brazil’s Eletrobossa, the notably successful project of jazz pianist Michel Freidenson & electronic producer Edson X. Cris Cabianca’s pristine and sexy voice of the new generation of Brazilian talent, delivers a refreshingly luxurious bossa-nova version of the Irish classic “Scarbourough Fair”

BRAZILIAN LOUNGE 2 is an exceptional downtempo soundtrack for groovy nights, highlighting Brazilian rhythms, Latin, jazzy and deep-house flavors.

John Sebastian's Lovin' Spoonful combined his love of folk music with elements of contemporary electric rock in the 60s.

Sebastian and a band of like-minded purists have reached into American history for true folk music with Chasin' Gus' Ghost. Chasin' Gus' Ghost gives listeners a scenic tour of the washboard, whiskey jug and banjo music of front porches and back alleys. Having apprenticed with some of the Greats, members of the J-Band are now the real deal, the living trust for American jug band music.

The Gus referred to in the title of this labor-of-love recording is Gus Cannon, who, in the 1920s, led Cannon's Jug Stompers, one of America's premier jug bands. The J-Band revives classic 20's jug band standards and tosses in some worthy originals...


With an exceptional cadre of musicians and the special participation of singer/songwriter, Alexandre Paredes, Ana Ariel sings with all of her heart. Her sweet and soft voice engenders peace, hope and bliss with her endearing interpretations on "No Grão de Areia, o Sol". Produced by Corciolli, the album contains a selection of 11 songs that feature a bit of country, soul and pop music. Popular Brazilian gospel songs like Te Amo Ó Deus and Luz da Manhã join a set of original compositions including Deus Presente. The poetic Esperança is considered a major highlight of the album. Also included is a delicate rendition of Bendita Tu Luz – in Spanish – a song that was a major hit for the Mexican rock group MANÁ.

Strongly influenced by Brazilian music and the participation of many special guests like acclaimed Brazilian guitar virtuoso Ulisses Rocha, Corciolli aims to stimulate the listener through beautiful melodies and stylish arrangements, emphasizing rhythmic subtleties and impeccable sound design strongly influenced by Brazilian music, with a taste of prog-rock & jazz.

Clara Sverner's flawless interpretations of CHOPIN was a 12th Latin Grammy Award Nominee.


Take a trip with virtuoso guitarist Ulisses Rocha and renowned biologist and "Acoustic ecologist", Beto Bertolini through the Atlantic Forest, Pantanal and Amazon. Genuine environmental soundscapes, recorded in-loco by Bertolini, and Rocha's harmoniously unique and sophisticated style deliver an inspired selection of music with nature sounds of Brazil's native birds in their natural habitat. BRAZILIAN BIRDS is more than an ambient relaxation album of gutiar and nature sounds.  It is also a genuine representation about Brazil's sensitive ecosystems.

Piano & Sea by Corciolli

From Corciolli’s piano, beautiful and delicate instrumental melodies arise to form a soundtrack perfect for reflection and inspiration. Specially chosen by Corciolli, the songs on PIANO & SEA combine with the sonorities of water and sea, creating relaxing, reassuring and peaceful environments.

ESSENTIA is a four volume collection, compiling the original, inspiring and uplifting instrumental recordings by Andrey Cechelero.  His delicate orchestral arrangements invite the listener to journey within one's own divine essence.  Contained in this second volume, are some of Cechelero’s most beloved themes, including Celest, Cold Mountain and Always Behind Your Smile. This is a must-have for the long time Cechelero fan as well as new listeners who appreciate songs that help the soul to dream.

MESSENGERS OF LIGHT is an invitation from Corciolli to seek spirituality with the aid of delicate melodies of piano, harp, violin and orchestral sounds. Corciolli's “messages without words”, are like prayers in the shape of music, helping to deliver the listener to that spiritual place where we find it possible to talk with the Inner Essence.

It may be easier to define the music of Laurie Z. by what it is, rather than by what it isn’t. Laurie Z.’s music demonstrates great depth, intensity and sophistication in her richly textured melodic songs. And although it’s easy to understand how her highly-textured instrumental music can be lumped into the new age, adult or jazz categories, when asked to define her music Laurie was quick to describe it as Contemporary Instrumental.

ROOTS is an "expertly crafted album of original contemporary solo piano compositions...chock full of indelible memories."

Roots received 8 Grammy nomination considerations.

Laurie's music can be heard on Pandora Radio. Just click on the Pandora button on the left sidebar under Laurie Z. Music -

Three seasoned singer/songwriters, all named Gordon, have combined their talents to record this brilliant eleven song CD. If you like the easy sounds of The Eagles, CSNY, The Thorns and a radio-friendly 1970's vibe, The Gords are your band.

The Gords are:
Gord Matthews: vocals, guitars, mandolin, lap-steel
Gord Maxwell: vocals, bass, keyboards
Gordon Lee Worden: vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion
Pat Steward: drums
Tom McKillip: sax (on "When Dreams Collide")

Produced by Tom McKillip
Engineered by Soren Lonnqvist
Extra recording by Vern Jenson
Mixed by Chris Aiken
Mastered by Brad Blackwood

NUM DIA, NO OUTRO, by Seis Com Casca is their second album. This unusual, yet beautiful, album takes the music of Tom Jobim, João de Barro and John Williams and merges elements of popular music with sophisticated arrangements usually only found in classical chamber music. Their repertoire covers a diversity of music styles from the Brazilian gender Chorinho to Argentinian Tangos, to movie soundtracks and even an original Jewish song.  

In the words of the renowned bossa-nova Brazilian singer Leila Pinheiro, “This collection of songs are
perfection, a beauty, a poetry, a rarity these days”.

Corciolli's SOUNDS OF NATURE is devoted to healing and meditation. Corciolli has recorded piano and sounds of nature, and each title track is represented by one natural element. He uses water (rain, sea, river, lake); whale and dolphin sounds; and bird, forest, and insect sounds accompanied by soft piano melodies in order to create a quietness, tranquility, and peaceful ambience. This is consistently one of Azul Music's best sellers.

Songs from Japan offers 24 musical selections from songs especially arranged by Camilo Carrara for solo guitar. The songs were selected from the catalogue of the songs which inspired the art exhibit “The World of Taizi Harada” by renowned Japanese artist, Taizi Harada.

Johnny Coppin is a singer/songwriter, composer and poetry anthologist. His clear voice together with his ability to write fine songs make his music essentially English in character while having universal appeal.

SONGS OF GLOUCESTERSHIRE AND BEYOND is a follow-up to the Forest & Vale album and the BBC TV programme. It was released in May 1987 to excellent reviews. It is a further collection of poems set to music that include Eva Dobell's "Tom Long's Post", Frank Mansell's "The Holy Brook", John Masefield's "Everlasting Mercy", Ivor Gurney's "East Wind" and "The High Hills", Leonard Clark's "English Morning" and "The Hill" and Edward Berryman's "Cotswold Tiles".

"A most beautiful and moving record” ~ English Dance and Song

Corciolli is a Brazilian musician and composer. He has sold close to 2 million CDs in his native country of Brazil alone and his albums have been released in 40 countries. The Very Best of Corciolli is Corciolli's first compilation. Presented in a double set, the carefully selected tracks showcase exquisite interpretations of the artist that reaffirm the proficiency and robust versatility of his work. The first set focuses on his world beat oriented compositions. The second set highlights Corciolli's relaxation and meditational side.


The secrets of subtractive synthesis "The 4 Element Synth"

In 2001, Rob Papen began giving exclusive master classes teaching 'synthesizer sound design" in his studio. For these training sessions, Rob developed his own method to explain the secrets of subtractive synthesis, called "The 4 Element Synth". This masterclass training is now transformed into a combined book and DVD package that also delivers numerous 'tips and tricks' which will help you to design and tweak your own sounds. Throughout the masterclass, a variety of hardware and software synthesizers are explored.

This 200+ page book, which is accompanied by four DVDs with over 10 hours of content, gives an in-depth insight into his approach of working with subtractive synthesis.

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