Air by Ulisses Rocha

Brazilian guitarist Ulisses Rocha has made a name for himself not only as a musician, but also as a composer, arranger, and educator. His style is very unique. His music, "a mixture of languages", as he calls it, is harmonically sophisticated, technically challenging and usually easy on the ear. As diversified as his early influences, his career has followed an interesting path.  He has arranged recordings for many Brazilian singers. He was also part of the Grupo D'Alma in the 70's, a guitar trio that is said to have influenced Al diMeola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia to start playing together. His recordings are very ecclectic and not tied to the Brazilian tradition of Choros and other musical genres forged on the guitar over the last 100 years. Instead, Ulisses and other musicians of his generation were also influenced by pop music which has translated as a rich addition to Brazilian music for the guitar.

This offering from the Tibetan monks of Gaden Shartse and Corciolli with the "Secret Mantra" and "Dedicational Prayer" is intended to help the listener experience the mysticism of Tibetan Buddhism. Merging the ancient tradition of Tibetan Monks chants with western music rich textures produced on synthesizers are blended with holy cathartic and prosperity mantras created with traditional Tibetan horns and percussion. The result is an album that surprises with its originality and spiritual beauty. 


Vocal Feminine Charmers added to celestial atmospheres:

The soft melodies and signature sound of producer Marcello Gallo and purity of the voice of Dani Nathan induce the listener to keeping in touch with inner feelings and emotions.Voices is intended to awaken inner, mutual respect, love and appreciation for truth by raising awareness through the music.

When released in Europe, UNIO MYSTICA received a special Blessing of Pope John Paul II. Musical selections have been featured on international compilations among artists like Vangelis, Sarah Brightman, Luciano Pavarotti, Era, Enigma, Hans Zimmer, and Plácido Domingo.

With UNIO MYSTICA (Mystical Union), CORCIOLLI presents a beautiful seven piece suite, inspired by the medieval alchemy and union of male and female principles of the soul in communion with the Divine. Featuring Gregorian Chants, female vocals and inspired arrangements of piano and keyboards, Unio Mystica´s highlights are the mezzo-soprano voice of ADRIANA MEZZADRI and the accordion of Brazilian virtuoso OSWALDINHO. Partially recorded in the São Bento´s Monastery in São Paulo, Brazil.  Mixed at the SoundTechniques´ Studio in Boston, Massachusetts.

Latin Grammy nominee and euridide Clara Sverner gives us a very personal view of Debussy and Ravel. Recorded by English producer Jeffrey Ginn in Potton Hall, Suffolk, England, the sound treatment is extraordinary, making this album an indispensable item for lovers of good music.


Azul Music has brought together a selection of uplifting instrumental songs of great classic and contemporary composers with the Music & Spirituality collection. The musical selections are intended to relax and sensitize the listener to reflect and to dream. Songs are performed by various contemporary artists.


Shamanism has its origins in the practice of the healing rituals of American Indians. Invoking the help of natural spirits, the Shaman (the leader of the healing ritual) establishes a magical link between man and nature. This link is believed to renovate spiritual and physical health.

Full of percussion, sequencers, tribal effects, bamboo flutes, water and bird sounds, and electronic drums, THE MUSIC OF THE SHAMANS delivers music intended to re-create the atmosphere of a genuine ceremony.


Beautiful soft downtempo melodies accompanied by birds singing with the signature sound of producer Marcelo Gallo.

Songbirds can be heard on Pandora Radio. Just click on the Pandora button at the top of the left sidebar under Nature Project (Music & Nature) -

Dave Manning has songs to sing and stories to tell from his years on the road. He is a two-time finalist in the 'Alaska Song of the Year' Contest in the "Alaska Songs" category. Dave's voice is most often compared to Tom Waits, and his style on the piano varies widely from soulful ballads to blues, country to boogie-woogie. He always brings along a fistful of harmonicas to round out his sound. He's even played Folsom prison. He is also an award winning published poet.

“Dave keeps your interest with soul-filled licks, and kisses you good-night and breaks up with you at the same time.” ~ KBGA Radio, Missoula, MT

BABY CLASSICS VOL.1 brings together a selection of well-known Classical songs, in arrangements specially developed for the world of babies. Maestro Carlos Slivskin (in memorian), had extensive experience working on children’s albums and found inspiration in classical music, much of which is still popular today. With a sensitive and gentle approach Slivskin created renditions of music by composers like Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart and Debussy especially for little ones. To enrich the soft and calm character of these arrangements, nature sounds were added between songs, creating a transparent transition, without interruption.

HEART OF A MOTHER is a music CD created to accompany the Heart of a Mother book, a printed collection of beautiful short stories, loving tributes to mothers and grandmothers, original poems, cherished quotations and classic scriptures by author Sheryl Roush.

Laurie's masterful debut album of lushly energetic synth music features upbeat orchestration, sonic excellence, and has a strong melodic flow that engages you from the first song. Recommended if you like George Winston, Suzanne Cianni, Yanni.

Mp3 and Sheet Music for Laurie Z.'s "Sunrise" is now available via

"Sunrise" is a MIDI solo piano piece written and performed by Laurie Z. It was originally a demo created for several of Kawai's CA and CP series digital pianos.

Praise for "Sunrise" -
"A joyous celebration of life... I wish I had written it." ~ Michael Dulin

Jazzis is a unique combination of the traditional jazz, bebop, cool jazz, and fusion with sounds of electronic music as acid jazz, drum'n'bass, and trance.

Michel Freidenson is considered one of the most talented pianists of the Brazilian music scene. He is also the author of very successful children's music CDs.

Quoting Greg Edmonson (BAFTA-winning composer) -

"Penka Kouneva has combined her remarkable and unique voice as a composer, along with some of L.A.’s most wonderful and expressive musicians, to create her newest collection of music for Film/TV and Video Games. "A Warrior's Odyssey" is jam packed with exciting action cues, haunting emotional cues, and everything in-between! ... from pounding percussion and ethnic voices, to soaring celli and violin melodies! Penka uses every tool in the composers toolbox to tell her musical story. A story of missions conceived, battles fought, glorious success and heartbreaking loss, but more importantly a story of hope undiminished! In more ways than one that is Penka's story ----- "A Warrior's Odyssey"

Azul Music brings together a selection of uplifting instrumental songs of great classic and contemporary composers with the Music & Spirituality series. The musical selections are intended to relax and sensitize the listener to reflect and to dream. All songs are performed by various contemporary artists.


Music & Spirituality, Vol. 3

Greg Maroney has been making videos of each song from his new album, "Coming Home", from an instructional point of view. Greg is hoping the videos will help people learn the songs.  They are available on YouTube under Greg Maroney.






Enjoy the charm and seduction of music by various artists produced specifically for belly dancing, with the striking percussion instruments derbak and Arabs, coupled with modern electronic beats and sounds.

'I don't want people to hear my music, I want them to feel it...' ~Gianni Latrofa

INFINITO, "the boundless expanse of dreams."

Gianni released his first instrumental album in 2007 entitled COBALTO. VIOLA followed in 2008. INFINITO was released in January 2011, followed by PIANO BELLS, a Holiday EP produced to celebrate his U.S. partnership with WorldSound Productions. Gianni's newest release is the single  MY INSANITY.


Recorded in São Paulo, Brazil, “Lightwalk - Live at Ibirapuera Auditorium” Corciolli and special guests present music from “Lightwalk” along with new arrangements for his popular songs “Toledo” and “Oratio” (the subject of the novel “These Women”). With the participation of special guests Tatiana Vinogradova (OSESP) on violin and Andres Matos (Cove, Shaman) on vocals, the spectacle is memorable and in total synergy with the audience. The “Grand-finale” is an extraordinary performance “Who Wants you the Live Forever” (Queen).The DVD offers menus and presentations of music with graphic animation, options of audio in Digital Dolby Surround 5,1 and PCM Stereo, and a clip with scenes of pre-show preparations.




 LIFE BETWEEN THE LINES by Laurie Z.® is "a great blend of classical and soft jazz with New Age leanings... As a composer, Laurie combines sounds into tapestries and as a musician; she displays unfailing attention to detail while giving full expression to her emotions.” ~BACKROADS MUSIC

"Laurie's music has the pianistic touches of Chopin, the ornaments of Baroque, the sophistication and the grace of classical piano music; yet her structures and harmonies follow the verse-chorus structures of Elton John's music and the type of contemporary piano music many students love to play.” ~ Penka Kouneva, Hollywood Film Composer and Orchestrator


Azul Music's URBAN MOOD is Electronic Chillout of the city from Brazil’s top DJ’s.



Tito Gonzales & Roberto Angerosa

Flamenco! brings all the passion and strength of flamenco music with contemporary sounds, injecting a new interpretation to the genre while maintaining the original spirit of Spanish music and dance.

Released in 1993, Corciolli's ALL THAT BINDS US was the basis for the creation of the AZUL Record Label in Brazil. Since then Corciolli has released numerous albums throughout the world. (Michel Freidenson plays additional keyboards on “Two Seeds”)

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