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Azul Music's Highlights include for Babies, Children's music, Classical, Contemporary, Crossover, Trance / Electronica, Lounge, New Age, World Music and compilations by various artists. Many of the albums listed on this site can be heard on your favorite stations. Mp3 downloads are available via stores like iTunes and Amazon. Just click on an album cover or station button to purchase or listen.  To listen on Pandora radio, we have provided Pandora buttons on the left sidebar.


Children's Music  

Baby Classics, Vol. 1 by Carlos Slivskin

BABY CLASSICS VOL. 1 brings together a selection of well-known Classical songs, in arrangements specially developed for the world of babies. With a sensitive and gentle approach Maestro Carlos Slivskin created renditions of music by composers like Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart and Debussy especially for little ones. To enrich the soft and calm character of these arrangements, nature sounds were added between songs, creating a transparent transition without interruption.


Classics for Children by Alexandre Guerra are some of the most beautiful pieces of classical music arranged and performed with sensitivity and kindness.  Selected with the utmost care by Alexandre Guerra, the album contains piano songs of Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann and Beethoven, among others - all accompanied by sounds of nature. Piano - Fernando Tomimura & Amilcar Zani; Produced by Alexandre Guerra.


The Most Beautiful Children's Music From Brazil

Alexandre Guerra translates with sensitivity, tenderness and purity, some of the most beautiful traditional Brazilian children's songs on 2 CDs, totaling over 30 songs.  Presented in their instrumental versions, with beautiful orchestral arrangements.



Baby Lullabies

These are delicate songs that can soothe your baby into a calm and relaxed state. In a magic moment of his life becoming a father, the composer recorded a series of songs with total creativeness and sensitivity, based on the moments watching his son falling asleep.  The idea of creating this CD came from his wish to make other children enjoy these same pleasant feelings.


Alexandre Guerra presents a soft soundtrack for moms and their babies with songs softly rocked by harp, oboe, flute, soft percussion, cello and saxophone sounds. The album has 11 tracks, created by renowned Brazilian erudite musicians.



Crossover Music

Infinito by Corciolli 

INFINITO is the Portuguese word for infinity and the title for Corciolli's newest album.

With over thirty albums successfully released over the past two decades, Corciolli begins a new era with INFINITO. It is an organic blend of electronic textures, orchestral layers and uplifting melodies, very visual, with a strong approach to film soundtrack qualities and dreamy atmospheres. 

INFINITO’s 14 tracks include 10 new compositions by Corciolli like the oneiric ballad Dream of Us; the bossa nova mood on Mono No Aware that radiates with Japanese music influences, or the passionate crossover tango San Telmo, featuring cinematic percusssions. Included are exquisite arrangements of 4 of Brazil's immortal songs: Villa-Lobos Melodia Sentimental; Jobim´s bossa nova hit Se Todos Fossem Iguais à Você; Dolores Duran´s A Noite do Meu Bem (1959´s biggest BR radio hit) and Lamartine Babo´s Eu Sonhei Que Tu Estavas Tão Linda, a wonderful waltz from the 30´s.

Enhancing Corciolli’s subtle piano playing and array of synthesizers are special guests soprano Gracieli Valverde, saxofonist Ma3 and Leonardo Padovani on the violin and er-hu. INFINITO’s melodies are extraordinarily inspired, powered by orchestral arrangements and the liveliness of cinematic percussions. The album cover was designed by Poland’s digital artist Michal Karcz, who has been praised worldwide for his stunning images.


The Very Best of Corciolli 

THE VERY BEST OF CORCIOLLI is Corciolli's first compilation. Presented in a double set, the carefully selected tracks showcase exquisite interpretations of the artist that reaffirm the proficiency and robust versatility of his work. The first set focuses on his world beat oriented compositions. The second set highlights Corciolli's relaxation and meditational side.


Lightwalk - Live At Auditório Ibirapuera by Corciolli 

Recorded in São Paulo, Brazil, Corciolli and special guests present music from Lightwalk (2009) along with new arrangements for his popular songs Toledo and Oratio. With the participation of special guest Tatiana Vinogradova on violin, the spectacle is memorable and in total synergy with the audience. The “Grand-finale” is an extraordinary performance of Queen's “Who Wants To Live Forever”, with vocals by Andre Matos.


Cris Cabianca by Cris Cabianca

Cris Cabianca's debut album is an exceptionally original creation that combines a fusion of Brazilian rhythms with elements of diversified musical styles. Featuring seven original songs by Cabianca, two original songs by renowned composer/producer Corciolli. and a charming bossa–nova arrangement of the traditional tune Scarborough Fair, Cabianca delivers a unique vibe with a voice full of personality and an album brimming with harmoniously fresh arrangements.


Num Dia, No Outro by Seis Com Casca

NUM DIA, NO OUTRO, by Seis Com Casca is their second album. This unusual, yet beautiful, album takes the music of Tom Jobim, João de Barro and John Williams and merges elements of popular music with sophisticated arrangements usually only found in classical chamber music. Their repertoire covers a diversity of music styles from the Brazilian gender Chorinho to Argentinian Tangos, to movie soundtracks and even an original Jewish song.


Notas No Ar by Michel Freidenson

Brazilian composer, pianist, arranger and producer Michel Freidenson makes full use of his extensive experience and multifaceted musicality with the long awaited NOTAS NO AR, a combination of original compositions and Brazilian and international standards highlighting the piano. Special guests include Hermeto Pascoal, Raul de Souza and the exceptional Thijs Van Leer (of the Dutch progressive rock group, Focus). Well-produced and well performed, this genuine swing journey of the finest contemporary jazz, samba and bossa-nova tunes is polished and pleasurable to listen to.



Brazilian Lounge by Various Artists

This album is a mid-tempo collection of Brazilian grooves fused with elements of Electronica, Latin and MPB (Brazilian Popular Music).  Many of the cuts were produced by today’s new breed of Brazilian musicians who are incorporating traditional music with today’s arrangements.

Brazilian Lounge 2 by Various Artists

BRAZILIAN LOUNGE 2 is another special compilation of irresistible electronic bossa lounge and chill-out songs that pick up where Brazilian Lounge leaves off. Traditional sound join contemporary styles in a unique way. Chill-out master Andre Andreo, of Cafe Del Mar notoriety, joins Brazil's Eletrobossa, the notable successful project of jazz pianist Michel Freidenson & electronic producer Edson X. Cris Cabianca's pristine and sexy voice of the new generation of Brazilian talent, delivers a refreshingly luxurious bossa-nova version of the Irish classic "Scarbourough Fair".

Brazilian Chill by Various Artists

The balance of melodies and rhythms in this collection of lounge, chill-out and downtempo styles make it an excellent choice for exploring the excellence in contemporary Brazilian lounge music. Many of the songs have been included in various international compilations around the globe. 


Wind Melody by Zenword - Shakuachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute) + Electronics

WIND MELODY reintroduces exquisite melodies extracted from Azul Music’s celebrated Buddha Lounge series, with two additional tracks, performed by composer and flutist DANILO TOMIC. The selection blends the introspective sound of the Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) with luxurious contemporary electronic arrangements by producer Edson X.


The Best of Buddha Lounge by Various Artists

THE BEST OF BUDDHA LOUNGE brings together the finest electronic chill-out music to come out of Brazil. Azul Music has compiled a selection of some of the most popular tracks from their internationally popular eight volume Buddha Lounge series in a 2 tracklist set. Also included is a special selection of songs from the albums Spirit of Buddha and Spirit of India.


Classical Music

Ravel + Debussy by Clara Sverner

Clara Sverner gives us a very personal view of Debussy and Ravel. Recorded by English producer Jeffrey Ginn in Potton Hall, Suffolk, England, the sound treatment is extraordinary, making this album, an indispensable item for lovers of good music.




Clara Sverner's flawless interpretations of Chopin was a 12th Latin Grammy Award Nominee.


Mozart, Piano Sonatas by Clara Sverner






Chiquinha Gonzaga: Works for Piano by Clara Sverner

Clara Sverner's masterful interpretations of the piano work of one of the greatest Brazilian composers.


New Age Music

Água by Corciolli

With sensitivity and lightness, the songs of this selectionpresent serene melodies combined with natural sounds of water. They are ideal for auxiliary therapeutic treatments, yoga classes, relaxation sessions or simple and comforting listening to ease tensions.


Para Relaxar by Corciolli

Music for the soul. TO RELAX presents an inspiring musical selection of soft instrumental themes accompanied by sounds of nature. Taken from songs produced by keyboardist and composer Corciolli, this is an excellent auxiliary instrument to accompany meditative practices, therapies or for quiet and relaxed listening.


Angels is delicate instrumental compositions by Schicco Salles especially produced to uplift the spirit.



Brazilian Birds by Ulisses Rocha & Beto Bertolini

Take a trip with virtuoso guitarist Ulisses Rocha and renowned biologist and "Acoustic ecologist", Beto Bertolini through the Atlantic Forest, Pantanal and Amazon. Genuine environmental soundscapes, recorded in-loco by Bertolini, and Rocha's harmoniously unique and sophisticated style deliver an inspired selection of music with nature sounds of Brazil's native birds in their natural habitat. Brazilian Birds is more than an ambient relaxation album of gutiar and nature sounds.  It is also a genuine representation about Brazil's sensitive ecosystems.


Essentia, Vol. 2, 3, & 4 by Andrey Cechelero

ESSENTIA is a four volume collection, compiling the original, inspiring and uplifting instrumental recordings by Andrey Cechelero.  His delicate orchestral arrangements invite the listener to journey within one's own divine essence. This is a must have for the long time Cechelero fan as well as new listeners who appreciate songs that help the soul to dream. 



Messengers of Light by Corciolli 

MESSENGERS OF LIGHT is an invitation from Corciolli to seek spirituality with the aid of delicate melodies of piano, harp, violin and orchestral sounds. Corciolli's “messages without words”, are like prayers in the shape of music, helping to deliver the listener to that spiritual place where we find it possible to talk with the Inner Essence.


Relaxing Your Cat & Relaxing Your Dog by Tshinar  

The songs presented in RELAXING YOUR CAT and RELAXING YOUR DOG are minimal in rhythm, with soft harmonies, beautiful melodies and slow tempos. The BPM's (beats per minute) are intentionally lower than human and animal pulsation. Using certain patterns that tap into the animal's precise hearing and perception of sound frequencies, the animal can relax and achieve a less stressful level of tranquility - and so can their humans.



Delicate and relaxing music intended to create tranquillity entering into peaceful sleep.

Sleep Well by Aredes

Sleep Well 2 by Tshinar







World Music

Music for Belly Dance - The Best of Arabesque by Various Artists

MUSIC FOR BELLYDANCE is a definitive collection of the best music for belly dancing, mingling vibrant sounds that are both sensual and rhythmic. The exquisite musical selections of this compilation employ rich harmonies, melodies and rhythms of the Middle East and South Asia using both typical Arab instruments as well as contemporary modern arrangements that mix loops and elements of lounge and chill-out music.


Compilations - New Age & Classical

Etherean Voices by Gallo

ETHEREAN VOICES brings together the best songs from the three Voices releases produced by accomplished composer and keyboardist Marcelo Gallo. Featuring the angelic voices of Tania Maya and Dani Nathan, Voices is inspired by the ethereal work of artists like Enya and Clannad  that continues to enjoy a prolonged popularity on North American and Canadian radio stations. 


Music & Spirituality, Vol 1, 2, 3 & 4  by Various Artists

Azul Music brings together a selection of uplifting instrumental songs of great classic and contemporary composers with the Music & Spirituality series. The musical selections are intended to relax and sensitize the listener to reflect and to dream. All songs are performed by various contemporary artists.        


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