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American Music Company, Inc. is a music production company that consistently produces a diverse and exceptional catalog of high quality music composed by some of the industry's best award winning and most sought after composers.  Since 2004 American Music Company, Inc. has produced an exceptional catalog of high quality music, one that is very comprehensive and has a wonderful diversity of musical styles and genres. Their library consists of thousands of tracks of music. Their website is intuitive and easy to use. Enjoy instantaneous auditioning of music.  Their creative team provides personal assistance to every client.

Music from American Music Company's library is now available to the public! Below is a sampling of their product listing by Composer.


Bruce H. Zimmerman is a four-time Emmy Award winning composer for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Original Music Composition. He is also an accomplished guitarist and pianist. For over 20 years Bruce has been composing and recording music for film, documentaries, corporate, broadcast television, multimedia and children's projects. He has scored over a 1000 productions: including programs for NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, AT&T, IBM, The Learning Channel, MasterCard, Carnival Cruise Lines, Fisher Price, Time Warner, Random House, Sony Kids Music, Simon & Schuster, McGraw Hill, Knowledge Adventure, Smithsonian Institute, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Way and Warner Brothers. 

Free and Easy by Bruce H. Zimmerman is a steady flow of neutral, Pop based, textured arrangements that are optimistic, positive and graceful. Evenly tempered, with an underlying sense of inspiration.

Mother Nature by Bruce H. Zimmerman is turbulent, unpredictable, majestic, delicate, gentle and soothing.



Damon Criswell is a talented, award-winning composer best known for creating emotionally engaging, adrenalin packed film scores. His compositions are both symphonic and intimate, providing an array of juxtaposing textures to his scores and performances. Damon is also a maestro of the theatrical trailer, composing the scores for Chronicles of Narnia, Shark Hunter, The Stickup, Harvard Man, Air Panic and U.S. Seals 3, to name just a few. He has received the “Official Selection" at the Cannes Film Festival for scoring the film Dreamcatcher and won "Best in Category" at the New York Film Festival. His score for Pale Blue Moon won "Best Texas Feature." He has also received numerous awards from DownBeat Magazine as a pianist and composer.

Full Throttle by Damon Criswell is Hard Rock with Orchestra backing; excellent for hard-hitting action/adventure. Powerful, gutsy, heroic, fearless, driving and dynamic tracks.


David Flavin and Roland "Rolly" Rudzitis have partnered on many projects for radio and television broadcast in the domestic and international scene, including: Future Car (Discovery Channel), Funniest Pets and People, 100 Huntley Street (Cross Roads Christian Communications), and FLW Outdoors. They have also composed music for corporate productions for such clients as Intercontinental Hotels, Hunter Labs, Classic Wines, and Old Clory Battlefield Tours. Both gentlemen have over 25 years experience as composers and arrangers, and are accomplished musicians.

Kazooie Poppers - David Flavin & Roland Rudzitis - Contemporary and classically timeless, these juvenile and comical antics are hilariously funny and zany. Go bonkers with these animated and silly looney tunes.

Wackadoodles - David Flavin & Roland Rudzitis - Zany, funny, cartoony & amusing themes


Whimsical Season - David Flavin & Roland Rudzitis - Take an enchanted journey to a world of wondrous fun and fantasy, whimsical delight, holiday cheer and childhood innocence. These arrangements from American Music Company's music library are playful, joyous, and magical. 


Gary Anderson is a Grammy award winning composer, producer, arranger, musician and orchestrator who is sought out by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.


Gregg Montante is an amazingly talented guitarist, keyboardist and composer/arranger. His songwriting, composition and arranging skills have been enlisted by many of the premier artists in the music industry. He has also contributed to numerous film and television projects.


Joel Mofsenson is a pianist and keyboard virtuoso, who for over 35 years, has played in the limelight. From the orchestra pits of the Broadway Theater he has tickled the old ivories in many productions, including Cats, Dream Girls, They’re Playing Our Song and I love My Wife. Currently, Joel is a member of a Big Band Jazz and Swing ensemble called New York Big Band, who performs regularly at Lincoln Center when they are not on tour. The band has recorded six CD’s. Joel also has a Masters degree in Music Composition from Indiana University and over the course of his long career, he has performed with such greats as Barry White, Laurie Liberman and Tony Orlando and Dawn. When he’s not on the "Great White Way" or with his band, he spends his other waking hours composing and recording music for television and film.

Sports Highlights - Powerfully charged, energized, driving, gutsy, bold, brassy and high impact “All American” sports themes.



Mark Krurnowski is a composer and musician, extraordinaire. He has over 8,000 airplays on Network TV. His music has been included in programming on ABC-TV, Bravo (Emmy award winning series, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List), The Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Outdoor Channel, Versus Sports Network, Oxygen, Turner Broadcasting Network, WTBS and XM & SIRIUS satellite radio. Released in December 2007, his song 'Wait a Minute" peaked at #1 on Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Charts.

Righteous Funk  is contemporary and modern small group Funk/Jazz arrangements with a hint of retro. These very cool and funky themes are dynamic, exciting, driving, and captivating.


Miriam Mayer has been the right arm to John Williams since the days of Star Wars.  She is the only person that Williams has trusted to review his compositions and proof-read his scores for such films as Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Catch Me If You Can, Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot and Minority Report.

Her true passion is the violin and as a violinist extraordinaire, Miriam has performed on thousands of recordings for Hollywood blockbusters including Mission Impossible III, Batman Begins, Chronicles of Riddick, The Siege, and The Negotiator. She has also composed music for such shows as Wyatt Earp, The Jerry Springer Show, Elimidate, The Maury Povich Show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and Guiding Light.


Nicolaas tenBroek is a graduate of the Julliard School of Music and a recipient of the Lincoln Center Award. He has composed for feature films, including productions for New Line Cinema, E! Entertainment, Paramount, New Horizons, and Coney island Films; For television he has scored programs for NBC, Sony, Columbia TriStar, Warner Brothers; for producers such as Francis Ford Coppola and John Romano. As a talented arranger, producer and instrumentalist, he has performed with some of the most high profile entertainers of our day, including, Frank Sinatra, Cher, Santana, Herbie Hancock, Madonna, Pointer Sisters.  

Christmas Spirit by Nicolaas tenBroek

Catch the Holiday spirit with this magical, whimsical and majestic collection of well known and original holiday melodies from American Music Company's music library. Full orchestra.


Patrick Smith has been a professional musician for over thirty years. His instruments of preference are the piano and various woodwinds. Early in his career he performed in concert as an opening act for artists as diverse and prominent as The Beach Boys, Earl Scruggs, Virgil Fox, ZZ Top and Kiss. In between road tours, he worked as a session musician. Patrick began composing for film and television in 1976, writing and producing commercials. He has also created music for numerous political clients, including much of Congress and the last four U.S. Presidents. He has scored many syndicated and network television programs, including documentaries for the Discovery Channel, and the Fox Television series; "America's Most Wanted".

Pomp and Prestige by Patrick Smith

These prestigious, beautifully orchestrated and inspiring arrangements are majestic, heroic, ambitious and dignified. Full Orchestra.



Penka Kouneva lives in the world of Feature Films, Video Games and Television. Her accomplishments are world-wide. Penka is part of the Hollywood power machine, scoring and co-scoring blockbuster after blockbuster; Pirates of the Carribbean At World's End with Hans Zimmer, Angels and Demons, again with Hans Zimmer, Hostel: Part 1 and 2, Transformers 1 and 2, The Matrix 2 and 3, to name just a few. In the universe of videogames Penka continues to impress by being the lead orchestrator and music arranger for such titles as World of Warcraft, Gears of War, Prince of Persia 2010, Transformers 1 and 2 and  Enter the Matrix 2 and 3. She has composed music for major network shows and her music has been featured in programming on the FOX network, ABC, NBC, CBS, History Channel, Sy Fi channel and on PBS.


Richard Bytnar has been in the business for over thirty years and has at least six Gold Records to his name.  As an artist and entertainer, he has worked with many of the giants, including Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, BB King, Bob Dylan, Bruce Hornsby, Steve Winwood, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Mellancamp and Rod Stewart.  He has produced music for London Records, Arista and Warner Brothers. He has won three Emmy Awards as a sound mixer for film and television. Richard's third Emmy was for his technical abilites on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Richard has written award winning commerciall music for Levi's, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford Trucks, Dos Eques Beer and he has also worked on numerous shows such as Home and Garden, Fine Dining, Suddenly Susan, Alias and Scrubs. The now famous GM car commercial with the falling cars was scored by Richard.


Steve Gibb is an international sensation with over 20 years in the industry to back it up. His amazing instrumental versatility, combined with his ability to compose in many styles, enables Steve to transcend the musical genres with ease. He explores the fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds to form a unique approach to modern music. Steve owns over 25 guitars and is proficient with each and every one of them. He has studied music at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London, where he graduated with honors. He has also performed with Eartha Kitt, The London Sinfonietta, Britney Spears, Meatloaf and Music Theater Wales. Steve has added to his list of many credits the title of Musical Director for the London West End, Toronto, UK and U.S. touring companies. He has appeared on stage in the title role for the musical, The Buddy Holly Story. Since opening day, Steve has appeared and performed on stage and in the orchestra pit of the Tony Award winning Broadway musical, The Jersey Boys.

Foggy Mountain by Steve Gibb is Country and Bluegrass music in a variety of styles from American Music Company's music production library. Exciting and fun, with plenty of foot stomping and finger picking dexterity.


Vincent Varco is a producer, composer, arranger and performer who creates music of all genres, excellent for advertising and television programing, documentaries, and indie films. His compositions are epic, bold and emotionally charged. His music has been heard in such network shows as Hung, American Pickers, Ancient Aliens, Love Games, Auction Kings, Behind The Music and CBS, the Early Show and David Letterman, and The Voice. He recently made his Broadway debut with Disney’s stage adaptation of Aladdin. Specializing in symphony orchestral arrangements, Vince has a flare for the dramatic. As a performer, he is a fixture in the Chicago music scene for the past 20 plus years.

Daring Adventure by Vincent Varco is Hollywood, theatrical blockbuster music. Action packed, epic adventure, bold, exciting and magnificent arrangements for symphony orchestra. Perfect for movie trailers.

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